What is in4D?

Are you a property owner? Do you want to sell or rent? Don’t wait for a time when the prospective tenant is able to visit to the property itself. Send a hyper-realistic representation of your interiors to thousands of customers today and witness an increase in sales. Our clients are industry leaders in the real estate business.
4K quality photos + 3D spatial laser scanning + a sprinkling of magic = a strikingly realistic, seamless vision of your interiors. Welcome to the world of VR in its best version.

How does it work?

  • 1.

    You receive a link from us. Then, you can pass it on to your customers and partners in any number of ways – paste it into emails, post it on your website, send it via messaging platforms, or even SMS. Anyone who receives the link will be able to view its contents (i.e. be transported to your showroom, the office space you’re currently renting, or the house you’re selling) on any device (phone, tablet, laptop, VR glasses, projector, etc.), anytime, anywhere.

  • 2.

    Click on the link and you have 3 view options:


Virtual walk. Move around the space exactly as if you were visiting in person. You can peer into every corner and see every detail. The smoothness of walking, the simple, intuitive navigation, and quality of image are something to behold.


Doll’s house. You’ve been inside. Now you can ‘get out’ of the model and see it from the outside. It’s like holding a doll’s house in your hand, or a mock-up of your property. You can see how the interior and furniture have been arranged, from any angle. The effect is highly impressive for multi-storey models.


Bird’s eye view. A wonderful way to show off the effectiveness of the premises. Show your customers the real possibilities for interiors and spatial arrangements for your property.

Additionally, there is a ‘tape measure’ option to guide you in measuring any distance, anywhere, in the premises.

And one more thing – millions of Google Maps users can now ‘view’ your property. It comes included in the price.